For Publishers

Every print-publishing company is currently wondering how to get their content in the new mobile media. We have the answer! The [gpg] GmbH developed serveral different kinds of publishing system, which publish your content on mobile devices, print media and every further upcoming device! Examples could be the amazon kindle, the iPad the microsoft tablet or whatever you can imagine.

Here is an example of an mobile eBook in the iPhone

  • Cover art
  • the application starts with the book- or magazine cover
  • there is just a touch needed to continue to the index

iPhone eBook Reader Lesescreen

The index screen by an example on the iphone

  • chapter-index
  • bookmark-funktion
  • content can be scrolled
  • chapter can be splitted through several pages

iPhone eBook Reader Inhaltsverzeichnis

ebook pageview / ebook readingview

  • widescreen for maximum comfort
  • the icon in the right top saves the bookmarks
  • the app starts at the last reading position

iPhone Screen "Weitere Veröffentlichungen"

This is the screen with the further releases

  • shows further releases
  • is directly linked to the product view in the app store
  • there is the possibility for in app purchases
  • it is scrollable
  • free advertisement

Publishen Sie Ihre Daten auf allen Medien!

hybridpublishing & mobile application development

  • Our maximal kompatible hybridpublishing systems prepare you and your content for every upcoming media.
  • There has just one interface to be submitted so that you can fit all of your content into tomorrows media.

Features - what we can do for you

  • application kernel development
  • development of different kinds of ePub parser
  • image-viewer integration
  • integration of hyperlinks linked to your browser
  • integration of anchorlinks
  • development of different scroll modifications
  • integration of copy&paste modifications
  • textmarker integration
  • easy zoom integration
  • gesture controls
  • trackbar integration
  • signable bookmarks
  • different colored bookmarks
  • histories
  • multiple choice quizzes
  • videos in text
  • different font-options
  • auto stand by modus
  • possibility to activate or deactivate different gestures
  • horizontal or vertical reading-screen
  • sound on/off
  • sleep modus
  • night modus
  • auto position
  • fast application start
  • special videoplayer for playing videos in the text
  • „this is recommended“ option via mail and sms
  • fulltext search
  • ipod action in the background
  • different languages
  • integration of google analytics
  • Mobile Application Development for iPads
  • Mobile Application Development for iPhones
  • Mobile Application Development for blackberries
  • Mobile Application Development for windows mobile
  • Mobile Applikationen für android /
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